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The company's philosophy is expressed through our :
Vision, Mission, Values and Culture.

Our Vision is:

  • To become the leading Greek company in the creation and implementation of proposals for overall decoration.
  • To become a "School" for the Greek companies, as concerns the way we operate.
  • To open roads in the world.

Our Mission is:

  • To constantly ensure satisfied customers.
  • To differentiate products, enterprise systems and services.
  • To constantly look for innovation and being one step ahead.

Our Values are:

  • The implementation of Meritocracy in our operation.
  • The strong Commitment and Loyalty to our company.
  • The diffuse Integrity and Trust in our agreements.
  • The Respect and Courtesy in our dealings.
  • The Honesty and Consistency in our actions.
  • The Interest and Care for our partners.

Our culture is characterized by:

  • The constant search of "Excellence."
  • The unshakable Faith in the Greek identity.
  • The active and constant Vigilance, leaving out any Complacency.
  • The Dynamism and Passion source.
  • The constant search of Differentiation and Innovation.
  • The high Customer-centric Approach.
  • The uncompromising Quality at all levels.
  • The Faith in the intact Development of human personality.
  • The incumbent Focus on Education and Diffusion of Knowledge.
  • The absolute Professionalism and the highest Responsibility.
  • The necessary Adaptability and Flexibility.
  • The Systematic Work.
  • The necessary Team Spirit and the obvious noble Collaboration it requires.
  • The boundless Positive Spirit and the free Extraversion.
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