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1970 The company "V. MIKOS & Co." is founded by Mr. Vassilis Mikos, located in a two floor store of 250 sq.m surface , at 5 Kapnikareas str. and 68 Mitropoleos str, downtown in the city centre of Athens. The store offers a variety of fabrics for women's dress, all imports, mainly from USA.

1980 Soon, the curtains and upholstery fabrics become new, highly dynamic products for the company . The store, in order to be able to cover and to meet the increased demand of buyers, is extended to a further 250 sq.m on Mitropoleos street .

1981 The company creates a second property , a building of a 1,300 sq.m. area in Kallithea, in order to meet the growing needs for extra storage space.

1985 An important strategic choice determines the future of the company. The decision to focus at the curtain and upholstery fabric and the removal at the same time from the market of dress fabrics , take place and change the strategic direction.

1990 In the repository building of Kallithea, one new retail shop is created, occupying 3 floors of the whole area . The company tries, by this way, to approach more residents of the southern suburbs of Athens. The summer of that year, the main store, located at 5 Kapnikareas str., is completely renovated and updated , after 20 years of successful existence.

1992 A new store in the idea of Stock-House is created , where goods of older age, are being sold at a reduced price. The new store is located at Aiolou street , at a short, walking distance from the central store.

1994 A very important year in the history of the company , as the focus turns now to the development of the Wholesale sector as well , besides the Retail operation. A new nationwide network is created , thus building a new image of V. MIKOS S.A., which henceforth is the brand name MIKOS.

2001 The retail sector is upgraded at all levels.

2004 The starting year for the newer visionary direction of the company. The concept of reengineering is becoming a fact: redefined philosophy, creation of a new strategic plan and the new organization chart are ultimately the basis for the establishment of the new, dynamic and innovative for the Greek standards, company's image.

2006 After one year break of the retailing function due to transfer from the initial store and due to major renovation of the new building that the function was moved, the new and fresh showroom of MIKOS at 66 Mitropoleos str. is ready to operate. A new look and a new identity mark the new beginning that comes to offer a new level of personalized, custom made, full decorative solutions or proposals to the consumers , always trying to meet the highest standards and requirements.

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